Kailey – December 2018

Kailey is a local high school student who is a true southern girl at heart. I tried to capture that with these photos. She was an awesome model and easy to communicate with. We both had a lot of fun shooting these photos.

The editing part of the photography process is always my favorite though. I feel like every photo set needs their own particular editing style. Figuring out the editing style for this set was an adventure. I wanted something that was more on the grungy side but also still a clean look. After playing around with a bunch of different Lightroom presets and settings, I found a mix that worked perfectly for me.

After I found the editing style I wanted another important thing occurred to me, which was that all the editing needed to be consistent for the photos to flow together seamlessly as a set. This is always a bit tricky because when you’re shooting outdoors you never have the same lighting twice and you could be shooting in various locations with different lighting and backdrops. After adjusting a few settings like white balance and the tone curve, I was able to accomplish the style I wanted and made my photos flow together as a set.

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